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Aikido seminar – Andrzej Bazylko, Wojciech Brożyński, Paweł Dymus, Przemysław Gawroński, Tomasz Sowiński, Paweł Zdunowski – Warsaw – 30 September 2017

Polish Aikido Federation

invites on the 30 September 2017 to


integration seminar on the occasion of European Sports Week

directed by

A n d r z e j   B a z y l k o

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

W o j c i e c h   B r o ż y ń s k i

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

P a w e ł   D y m u s

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

P r z e m y s ł a w   G a w r o ń s k i

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

T o m a s z   S o w i ń s k i

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

P a w e ł   Z d u n o w s k i

(5 DAN Aikido Aikikai)

Place: Gwardia Warszawa (judo gym), 61, Jagiellońska st.

Plan of the seminar:

13:00 ÷ 13:50 – aikido class
14:00 ÷ 14:50 – aikido class
15:00 ÷ 15:50 – aikido class
16:00 ÷ 16:50 – aikido class
16:00 ÷ 17:50 – aikido class
18:00 ÷ 18:50 – aikido class
19:00 – BBQ integration party at the resort

Price: 20 PLN (paid at the location)

There is a possibility to sleep on the mat at the dojo.

Additional information:
tel. 501-51-66-66
e-mail: dojo@tanren.pl