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Aikido & kenjutsu summer seminar– Andrzej Bazylko – Świeradów Zdrój – 23 – 31 July 2017

„ Aikido Andrzej Bazylko„

invites on the 23 – 31 July 2017  to the

A I K I D O & K E N J U T S U

seminar directed by

A n d r z e j  B a z y l k o

 (5 DAN Aikido Aikikai, Kashima Shin Ryu chuden)
Dates: 23 July 2017 r. (lunch) – 31 July 2017 r. (lunch)

Place: Świeradów Zdrój, OW „Basieńka”, 4, Leśna st.

Price: 1250 PLN; 500 PLN paid up to 26 April 2017, 750 PLN paid up to 15 June 2017

Accomodation in 2 and 4-person rooms, three meals a day and 5 hours of trainings a day, with aikido, aikijo, jo dori, tachi dori and tanto dori techniques and Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu.

Limited numer of participants. Please bring your bokuto and fukuroshinai or bokken, jo and tanto.

There is a possibility of organizing exams for kyu and 1 dan grades.

Additional informations – tel.: (+48) 601 335 139, mail: sensei@aikido-ab.waw.pl